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A Weekend Retreat of Spring Self-Care

27th-28th March 2-4pm Each Day

Its been a really long winter for many of us I am sure, so I want to welcome spring softly and release the stagnant, heavy, lethargic elements of winter to make space for the new.

If you're feeling like you could do with a fresh dose of inspiration to bloom and grow and welcome in the warmer season, this is for you!

There will be Yoga, Essential Oils, a self-care goodie box & a nourishing Cacao Ceremony!

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WhatsApp Program

Week commencing 22nd-28th March

- Spring Equinox Overview

- Cleaning DIY Tips

- Spring Decluttering Tips

- Creating an atmosphere in each room

- 4x Pranayama Practices

- Daily quotes to inspire personal journaling 

- A suggestion of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to pair with these practices.


What People Say

Yoga & Essential Oils Workshops

It was just what I needed after a stressful day of work.  I find the oils enhance my yoga practice and help me relax.  I really liked the acupressure points, too.  I love the way you teach-clear instructions and I find your voice soothing and the flows well-thought out.  It really puts me in the zone.

Laura Laubacher - Winter Love Workshop

I loved it! I loved the combination of moving (more yang style) and stillness (more ying poses) and how you inserted the oils. Perfectly done! I will come back to the recordings often, thank you!

Annette Drews, Winter Love Workshop

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