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A Week of Balance- Mood Management Program

31st May- 6th June 

A program based around mood management, natural ways to destress and uplift as well as creative ways to make the most out of your oils. 

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What People Say

Yoga & Essential Oils Workshops

It was just what I needed after a stressful day of work.  I find the oils enhance my yoga practice and help me relax.  I really liked the acupressure points, too.  I love the way you teach-clear instructions and I find your voice soothing and the flows well-thought out.  It really puts me in the zone.

Laura Laubacher - Winter Love Workshop

I loved it! I loved the combination of moving (more yang style) and stillness (more ying poses) and how you inserted the oils. Perfectly done! I will come back to the recordings often, thank you!

Annette Drews, Winter Love Workshop